Rules of the Game

In Virtual Bike Race, players put themselves in the position as Directeur Sportif (Sporting Manager), responsible for selecting a team of riders out of the actual participants in the race. Players have a budget, and must come up with a balanced team of riders capable of performing well in the overall classification, as well as other sub competitions.

Unlike the real Directeur Sportifs, players have the luxury of transferring riders in and out of their Virtual team on a daily basis

In addition to rider selection, players can receive points by selecting a team, and also a bonus stage, where all points scored are doubled.

N.B. Players only earn points on stages where their virtual teams have a full complement of riders and have picked a race team. Therefore, it's essential to pick a full team of riders, and a race team.

Scoring Points

Players can score points in the following categories:

Stage Placing

  1. 36 points
  2. 31 points
  3. 26 points
  4. 23 points
  5. 21 points
  6. 19 points
  7. 17 points
  8. 15 points
  9. 13 points
  10. 12 points
  11. 11 points
  12. 10 points
  13. 9 points
  14. 8 points
  15. 7 points
  16. 6 points
  17. 5 points
  18. 4 points
  19. 3 points
  20. 2 points

In addition, players score 1 point for each rider on their team who finishes each stage.

N.B.Players do not score Stage Placing points on Team Time Trial stages.

General Classification at the end of each stage.

  1. 10 points
  2. 8 points
  3. 6 points
  4. 4 points
  5. 2 points

King of the Mountains at the end of each stage.

  1. 6 points
  2. 4 points
  3. 2 points

Sprinter classification at the end of each stage.

  1. 6 points
  2. 4 points
  3. 2 points

Young rider competition at the end of each stage.

  1. 5 points
  2. 3 points
  3. 1 points

Race Team Scoring

Players score points from their chosen Race Teams in two ways:

For Team Time Trial Stages, there are no points awarded players to for individual cyclist stage standings. Instead, players earn points for the Race Teams Stage Placing:

  1. 60 points
  2. 40 points
  3. 20 points
  4. 10 points
  5. 5 points

Bonus Stage

When players select their original team, they are also asked to choose their bonus stage. Any points scored on that stage, are doubled.

Final Placing Scoring

Overall Classification

  1. 150 points
  2. 100 points
  3. 75 points
  4. 60 points
  5. 50 points
  6. 40 points
  7. 30 points
  8. 20 points
  9. 15 points
  10. 10 points

In addition, players score 2 points for each rider on their original team who complete the race.

King of the Mountains

  1. 50 points
  2. 20 points
  3. 15 points
  4. 10 points
  5. 5 points

Sprinter Classification

  1. 50 points
  2. 20 points
  3. 15 points
  4. 10 points
  5. 5 points

Young Rider Classification

  1. 30 points
  2. 10 points
  3. 5 points

Team Classification

  1. 30 points
  2. 20 points
  3. 10 points


Up until the race starts, players can make unlimited transfers to fine tune their virtual team. When the unlimited transfer window closes, the players virtual team is locked in as the players Original Team. It's only this original team that is eligible for scoring points in the Final Placing Scoring. Any subsequent transfers will be made from the players allotted transfer budget of 5 transfers, and are eligible for daily stage points only.

Each stage, players are allocated one additional transfer, up to a maximum of 5 unused transfers. There is no requirement for a player to use all or even some of their transfer allocation, but it may be to their advantage tactically to do so.

Throughout the race, transfers can be made before each stage starts. After that point transfers will only take effect on the following day. If a player transfers a rider out of their team after the transfer cutoff, all points earned by that rider on that stage are still eligible. In addition, all points earned for a player by a rider that is subsequently transferred out of the players virtual team, are not lost.